Best DIY Face Mask

  • Pattern for non-medical grade, multi-layer cloth face mask for community use

  • Detailed, fully-illustrated instructions

  • Written by quilting/sewing instructors with 50+ years combined experience

  • Includes adult and kid sizes 

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Don't Sew? Don't Worry!
Ami's Video Tips, Tricks, and Hacks  (See pattern for COMPLETE step-by-step instructions.)
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“I have made 293 masks and only found your pattern about a week ago. I love it and won’t make any of the other patterns again. What a great pattern that you two have developed! Thank you.”
(Jackie Koslowski, Dudley MA)                         Click here to read more testimonials.



Thousands of home sewers and crafters are making masks! Common sewing items like elastic are hard to find. Items recommended in mask patterns disappear quickly. In an effort to source the essential supplies needed for the Valami Face Mask we offer the suggestions below.


Google "18 gauge copper hobby wire" for most durable and readily available nosepiece wire.


Alternatives include:

     1/16" aluminum sculpture/armature wire

     Floral wire


Filtration Media

Filtration media in cloth masks has not been tested. It is unknown to what degree various items may help or harm. So with an "At Your Own Risk" warning, options to insert in mask Pocket Lining might include:

     Non-woven polypropylene


      Smart-Fab® Fabric  

      Polypropylene scouring/scrub sheets
      Halyard (autoclave) fabric

Barrier Layer

Barrier layers in cloth masks have not been tested. It is unknown to what degree various substances may help or harm. So, with an "At Your Own Risk" warning, options might include an optional lining sewn to wrong side of Mask Front or Pocket Lining made from the following:

      Fusible interfacing (like Pellon 906F)

      Halyard (autoclave) fabric

      Polypropylene (nonwoven)           

Valli Schiller wears a Valami face mask


Valli Schiller and Ami Simms

Valli and Ami (get it, Valami?!) joined forces to design a simple cloth mask that really fits, with straightforward directions for people who sew. And pictures. Lots of detailed pictures. They wanted pleats that didn't tickle your nose or get in your mouth, a mask that didn't have gaps on the side (or under your chin), and an easy-to-access pocket for filtration media. And it had to be adjustable for long faces, narrow faces, wide faces, big noses and pointy chins. They wanted masks to help extend the life of N95 masks, and something people could wear out in the community to keep their germs to themselves.

The first Valami pattern tester thinks they got it right: "Overall, this is the most comfortable mask I've tried. It's a Cadillac. Love the way it fits on the sides, nose and neck. Also love the layout for making multiples." (Marsha McCloskey, Eugene, OR) Read other testimonials.

Valli Schiller is an award-winning quilt artist whose work has been exhibited nationally. She lives in Naperville, Illinois.


Ami Simms was the creator of the Worst Quilt In The World Contest and the founder and executive director of the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. She lives in Flint, Michigan. Read Ami's recent blog posts about the Valami Mask:

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