We are so grateful for your kind words. They mean the world to us!

“After making more than 600 pleated masks, I decided I needed to make a change. Tried 6 other patterns and finally made the Valami Mask. Wow! This is the only mask I can say I truly love! Fits me, fits my husband, fabulous style, this will definitely be my new pattern.”

(Melissa Aitken Rogers, Walnut Creek CA)


“My husband wears disposable face mask all day in his job with the postal service.  I also made him some masks before the Valami pattern came out.  I finally made him a ValAmi yesterday, which he declares ‘You've finally got a winner!  This one is comfortable and doesn't shift.’ Thanks again Valli and Ami.”

(Elizabeth Corwin, Pinckney MI)


“I've been making face masks from different patterns for a period of time now. This Valami mask is the best fitting mask out there, bar none! …Check out this pattern if you're making masks, you'll be happy that you did. ”
(Debra Voigt, Pfafftown NC)


“As a nurse, I've always hated masks as they didn't fit right, fogged up my glasses, elastic ones hurt my ears and they made me feel like I'm smothering. This mask fits perfectly, doesn't hurt my ears, doesn't fog my glasses. I still feel like I'm smothering---but that's a mask for ya. Best pattern ever!”
(Linda Ovitt, Orange County NY)

"I’m wearing masks around 16 hours a day now, and I’m totally comfortable the whole time in my Valami mask. They are the BEST!"

(Yvonne Ventimiglia)

“I have made 293 masks and only found your pattern about a week ago. I love it and won’t make any of the other patterns again. What a great pattern that you two have developed! Thank you.”
(Jackie Koslowski, Dudley MA)

“From beginning to end, the pattern and instructions are top notch. Easy to understand and the visuals are great. Love the little notes for giving, too. As professional as can be!”
(Susan Roman, Buffalo NY)

“I love the Valami autoclave wrap mask! It fits well and doesn't ride up on my nose to fog my glasses. It feels much more secure than my medical-grade surgical mask and has minimal leakage out of the sides or top, with a sensation similar to my medical-grade N-95 mask.”
(Henry J. Schiller, MD, surgeon)

“After sewing 130 BORING PLEATED masks for the local community (as per their instructions), I decided it was time to have some fun!! I tried several different patterns, but this is by far the best.”
(Donata Gervasi, Nimis Italy)

“I have been making your mask pattern. I think it is probably the best out there!”
(Wilma Riggs, Linden MI)

“Excellent tutorial.  You ladies went above and beyond to test and update.  Thank you.”

(Mary Ann Littlejohn, Sugar Land TX)


“Thank you! I made one last night as my trial. This is my favorite pattern so far. Thank you for sharing!”
(Jan Golden, Grove City OH)


“Your instructions and photos are awesome! So detailed. Thank you so much”
(Deanna Lee Heitschmidt, San Diego CA)


“This is the best pattern ever.”
(Jan Brackett Andrews, Santa Rosa CA)


“It’s hard to pick just one feature I like about your pattern. What I love is you addressed ALL the features I wanted. Good fit around all faces. Wire option to help top edge shape to face. Filter pocket. I also love the headband option. Well done guys!”

(Terry Switzer Chilko, Morgantown WV)


“Thank you so much for the pattern Val and Ami!! After making every type of pattern out there, finally one that fits me and I can breathe in! Well done!!”
(Pam Smith Barman, Magnolia TX)


“Great directions...love you can multi cut out and also the little tag along paper is perfect to include... Thanks again for all you gals do.”
(Terry Hein, Streamwood IL)

“These are great directions. I am weary of all the patterns out there. I would not have even looked at this except it was authored by you [Valli] and Ami. I’ll try this soon. Thank you for writing a great tutorial and sharing it.”
(Jenny K. Lyon, Sacramento CA)

“The hands that sew, the hands that feed, and the hands that clean are just as important as the hands that heal. We are in this together and we shall persevere and conquer this pandemic.” (Jean C. Fox MD)